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Amateurs is a scripted hour-long series that explores the world of the superstar college basketball player from the moment they step out of their neighborhood and on to campus. This series tells a story that is both universal and unique. It’s not unlike the story of any suddenly famous teen, rock-star, musician, or artist, with one exception … our superstars don’t get paid. 

Structurally you can imagine this series as Atlanta meets Entourage. It has the authenticity, emotion, and relevance of Atlanta while structurally evoking Entourage in that it serves as a vehicle to tell the true-to-life coming-of-age stories of some of the most famous athletes in the world. It can do for athletes what Entourage did for actors — tell their wildest, craziest stories anonymously. 

From a plot perspective this series follows Marquis Marshall, better known as Q, as he navigates the campus and culture of one of the oldest and most prestigious Universities in the United States that just so happens to have the top team in the country – think Duke to the extreme. 

Around Q lies everything you can imagine; a foreign teammate just trying to figure out the United States; a coach angling to renew his ultra-lucrative shoe deal; a love interest so tied to the athletic department that he’s never sure where her loyalty lies; a female alumnus and tech mogul whose always willing to lend a hand, sometimes too much of one; and an AD more intent on keeping the program “clean” than making sure his student athletes aren’t exploited.  

With Amateurs you get a complete look at the exploitation and profiteering in the billion-dollar collegiate sports complex. From the Athletic Department, Dean’s Office to Alumni associations, and shoe companies, no stone is left unturned. Yet make no mistake, the central figures in Amateurs are not solely victims in this equation but rather full participants in a system where the rules are ever changing and both sides have something to gain and everything to lose.  



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