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Let us draw upon our vast experience in film and television storytelling to create copy and campaigns that resonate with the viewer and garner emotional attachment VIDEO PRODUCTION OF ALL SCALES We excel at maximizing your marketing dollar in the video production space and lowering the barrier to entry of theatrical quality commercial production CREATIVE
From concept through development, production, and distribution we can streamline your creative process and ensure your message cuts through with the impact it deserves V ON-AIR
We create content that is designed specifically for the platform it is aired on. Gone are the days of one-size fits all commercials. Each platform needs it own approach GET STARTED

To launch the acclaimed reality series The World According to Jeff Goldblum we were lucky enough to sit down with the man himself and get his thoughts on Christmas according to film icon.
To launch the Pandora Lion King collection we partnered with Pandora, Disney Style, and Walt Disney Studios to create an immersive influencer driven experiential campaign around the red carpet premiere of the film.
Slide PRODUCTION TROUBLE IN THE COTERIE Paramount's A Quiet Place Pt II meets the world of Good Trouble when Gael and Alice must survive a night as the monsters of the film decent on Los Angeles New Layer Slide BRAND SIZZLE YEAR ONE To celebrate a successful transition of ABC Family to Freeform we were tasked with telling the tale of the network's rebirth. It was our point of view that the network was much like it's patriarch Walt Disney in his early days - a maverick "always exploring and experimenting". Slide PRODUCTION FREEART In conjunction with Sherwin Williams and the Freeform network we partnered with street artist Ruben Rojas to give back to the community and create the mural Do What You Love. It was our goal to bring a lasting message of positivity to the streets of Los Angeles. Slide PRODUCTION BOSS GIRLS GUIDE TO EVERYTHING Partnering with Zillow and the Freeform network we created the integrated commercial series Boss Girls Guide to Everything hosted by actress Ana Marte.

Slide PHILOSOPHY A FOCUS ON STORY The key to any great marketing campaign is connectivity. Finding that moment of commonality between audience and brand is at the core of what we do. In much the same way as we connect emotionally with those transcendent moments in cinema, we must give your audience a story they can believe in and attach to. That is what we do at The Cove Agency. We take your brand proposition and build out its story in a way your clients can relate to on an emotional level. That way they can begin to truly understand your products value. CLIENTS

Slide STORY With a combination of renowned writers, directors, producers and editors who all still currently produce film & tv we bring insight and intel from the highest levels of the entertainment industry to your brand. After much success in the film and television world, it was our goal to use those skills to elevate brand messaging, lower the barrier to entry for A+ commercial production, and bring outstanding storytelling ability to the brand space. WHO WE ARE OUR The Cove Agency is a unique advertising agency and production studio that emerged from the evolution of Dreamline Pictures into a multi-tiered marketing and production studio -- The Cove.

HONESTY We aren't yes men. Too many agencies fail to be OPEN & HONEST with their clients about the outcomes and pitfalls of ideas. It's our job to discuss those early so it doesn't get awkward later. CONNECTIVITY Truly impactful advertising should strive to be bold, carry meaning, and land with an impact. If we aren't trying to ELICIT AN EMOTION or CREATE A CONNECTION then we must ask ourselves what is the projects purpose. CLARITY Contrary to popular belief, most ideas can be great if executed properly. At Cove we CLARIFY THE MESSAGE in a way that resonates with your audience. SELECTIVITY A project is only as good as the people working on it night and day. If we can't put our top executives on a project we won't take it on. Period. With us you get the TOP TALENT no matter what. DIVERSITY Now more than ever VOICES NEED TO BE HEARD. Points of view need to be explored from all angles and at all stages. We pride ourselves on diverse collaboration from inception to production. SIMPLICITY CREATE. REVISE. REVISE. REVISE. Words have value, meaning and carry emotion. A great message is like a great song, a few select chords and a hook. You must be careful not to overthink or overproduce. BELIEVE values - George Lois WE "Great advertising can make food taste better, can make your car run smoother. It can change your perception of something. It’s not lying; It’s just saying, 'This one's more fun, this one's more exciting'. "