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Cove [ noun ]

An open, collaborative place to explore and create

The Cove

Private Production Studio

An Elevated Client Centric Production Experience.

The Cove is an ideal pre-lit production space for builds up to 3 walls, color and white cyc productions, EPK interviews, integrated marketing concepts, and small cast scenes.

Creatively, we offer various pratical creative lighting effects and live digital environments (live green screen) for in-monitor VFX compositing.

Custom digital environments of series & film sets available upon request.*

*access to set for plate creation required


  • 25’ x 25’ Pre-lit Shoot Space (27’ Max)
    20’x14’ Green Screen (w/live in-camera VFX comp)
    20’x14’ Photo White Muslin
  • Hair & Makeup room (2 Glam stations)
  • Wardrobe Room
  • Talent Green Room
  • Client Lounge Area
  • On-site Parking for:
    Star Wagons, Additional HMU Trailer, Catering, Production Vehicles, Client / Talent
  • Sound Proof to NC 55 (in wall)
    Quiet Rock, R-38 Insulation, 1/4” Mass Loaded Vinyl, Sound Dampening Stage curtains
  • Secure Live Streaming for On & Off-Site Clients
  • Cameras & Lenses:
    Black Magic 6k & 12k URSA, Red Weapon 8K, Arri Alexa Mini, Cook S4 Primes, Zeiss Ultra Primes, Angenieux Zoom 30-90mm
  • 1 Block from:
    Starbucks, Sweet Greens, Tocaya, Lemonade, Veggie Grill, & Mendocino Farms (for off-menu & individual talent / client orders )
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